Research & Industrial Corporation

NPO Molniya, 6 Novoposelkovaya Street, Moscow 123459, Russia
Tel: +7 095 497 5930; Fax:+ 7 095 497 4723
E-mail address:


General Director Mr.Vasiliy Lapotko
General Director
Mr. Vasiliy Petrovich Lapotko

General Designer


Key personnel Name
Chairman Mr. Golyanitskiy Oleg Alexeevich
General Director Mr. Bashilov Alexander Sergeevich
Address 6 Novoposelkovaya Street, Moscow 123459, Russia
Tel. No. +7 095 497 4760
Fax No. +7 095 497 4723
E-mail address
Year of foundation 1976
Type of business Aerospace design & production
Ownership Joint Stock Company
No. of employees 2500
Main Export Markets CIS
The Baltic countries
Bankers Moscow Industrial Bank


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Spiral Project
Spiral Project
Bor Experimental
Bor Experimental Space Vehicles
Buran Orbiter
Buran Orbiter
Multipurpose Aerospace System (MAKS)
Supersonic Rocket-Targets
Supersonic Rockets-Targets
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Company Details
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