Molniya Triplane Aircraft


The next in dimensions aircraft of the conceived family is the MOLNIYA-400 wide fuselage triplane. This two engine aircraft is intended for transportation up to 30 tons of cargo in containers or on pallets or self-propelled machinery. In an overload variant its carrying capacity can reach 50 tons. There is a cargo-passengers modification of the MOLNIYA-400 designed for simultaneous transportation of 250 passengers with hand luggage on different decks and cargo in containers. The crew consists of two pilots, a panel operator and two operators.

The MOLNIYA-400 aircraft is equipped with an integral automated monitoring system, which while constantly analysing the board systems condition enables to reveal failures in due time and thus to cut the aircraft down time. The MOLNIYA-400 can be operated on airdromes with concrete coating and ground ones, and its pilotage-navigation complex enables to fly under difficult meteo-rological conditions and to land under ICAO second class.

Molniya-400 aircraft

Molniya-400 aircraft Main Characteristics
Take of engine power, kg - 2x16000
Overload take-off mass, t - 121.1
Normal take-off mass, t - 109.8
Payload with overload take-off mass, t - 50
Payload with norm. take-off mass, t - 30
Wing span, m - 42.7
Length, m - 41.5
Operational range, km:

with 30t payload and fuel reserve for 1 hr flying, km

- 5000

with overload take off mass, km

- 3000
Speed, km/h:


- 930

Cruising at alt. 11200m

- 760...800
Take-off run, m - 1230
Necessary runway length, m - 2600
Service life -6000 hr, 20000 landings


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