Molniya Triplane Aircraft


The MOLNIYA-100 fifteen-seat, two-engine triplane is designed for regional routes This multipurpose aircraft can be used for passenger and cargo transportation, as well as for aerial photography or as an eight-seat business, patrol or ambulance aircraft.

The use of pusher propeller minimizes noise and vibration in the cabin and provides passenger's safety during emplaning. The MOLNIYA- 100 can use airdromes with the artificial coating, as well as the ground ones, and its navigation and communication equipment permits to fly at any time of day and year.

Molniya-100 aircraft

Molniya-100 aircraft Main Characteristics
Take of engine power, hp - 2x435
Maximum payload, kg - 1500
Take off mass, kg - 4300
Operational range, km:

with maximum payload

- 600

with maximum fuel load

- 2000
Speed, km/h:


- 400


- 325...380


- 130
Take-off run, m - 430
Landing run, m - 350


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